Our Core Values

Aminad was founded on six core values that guide us in everything we do. They define how we interact with each other and how we make critical company decisions. These values are more than just words, they define us and our work – they represent who we are.


Treat everyone with kindness, respect, compassion and warmth


Be humble and modest; put aside ego and empower others

Intellectual Curiosity

Embrace a mindset of constant learning


Relentlessly pursue our goals regardless
of the obstacles


Be generous with your time, your ideas and your resources


Remove complexity and provide clarity

Employee Spotlight

Giving Back

We live our values of kindness and generosity, and a large part of that is giving our time, energy and resources to charitable organizations that are important to all members of the Aminad family. Here are just a few of the ways Aminad is giving back:

Signing Donation & Work Anniversary Donation

Every Aminad new hire is provided $500 to donate to the charitable organization of their choice and they are also provided a $500 donation every year on their hire anniversary.

Aminad Day of Service

Every year on Indigenous People’s / Columbus Day, Aminad team members take the day to give back to the community.

Corporate Donations

Aminad donates 1% of all revenue to causes that are important to Aminad team members.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Aminad sponsors events such as the annual Fight for the Brain to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society, and partners with local organizations like We Rock Cancer to help prevent skin cancer.Β 

Aminad is also a proud corporate sponsor and volunteer for UPchieve. UPchieve is an app that matches tutors with low-income high school students across the country and provides free, online tutoring and college counseling.Β 


Giving Back in Action

Fight for the Brain Event in support of the National Brain Tumor Society

  • Aminad is the lead sponsor of the annual Fight for the Brain fundraising event that has raised over $125,000 in the last six years.
  • Fight for the Brain is now the 2nd largest community fundraiser in the USA.
  • Founded by our President, Lido Ramadan, in memory of his father who suffered from a brain tumor, this event illustrates the dedication that Aminad has to making an impact and supporting the causes that mean the most to our people.
Lauren Gainor, National Brain Tumor Society Senior Director
of Development, Community Events