Aminad provides transformational expertise driving public sector organizations to run more efficiently, while reducing costs and improving mission effectiveness. Our service offerings cut across many dimensions of strategic support with a focus on supply chain and operations.

Strategy and Analytics – Aminad takes a comprehensive approach to assessing the health of an organization and transforming it to meet its full potential.

  • Data Analytics – helping organizations discover, analyze and interpret data enabling them to better navigate any and all facets of their mission and deliver tangible business results
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis – helping organizations conduct a systematic process for calculating and comparing the benefits and costs of strategic business decisions

Operational Improvement – Aminad helps our client partners achieve flexible, innovative and highly performing operations through operational improvement strategies, business process improvement, and best practice implementation.

  • Supply Chain Management – helping organizations align their supply chain processes and operating models with their business strategy. We design, develop and implement supply chain strategies that create resilient supply chains delivering business results
  • Program Analysis and Improvement – assessing program alignment with organizational mission and creating actionable plans to effectively deliver against that mission



CASE STUDY:  Inventory Excellence: Data-Driven Decision Making Creates Opportunities for a DoD Logistics Organization



Acquisition and Cost Reduction – Aminad excels in driving significant costs out of an organization in order to spend those dollars on improving mission effectiveness.

  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management – maximizing value from suppliers through leveraging market forces and purchasing power to reduce costs and increase value of commonly procured goods and services
  • Supplier Relationship Management – strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with suppliers in order to maximize the value of those interactions and collaboratively meet the mission needs of the organization

IT Strategy and Governance – Aminad helps our clients make strategic IT decisions that enable organizations to manage information effectively and efficiently.

  • IT Strategic Plan Development and Execution – defining a clear IT strategy, putting the right tools in place to facilitate change and assisting leadership in implementation
  • IT Governance Design – creating organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of IT strategy and goals across complex organizations