Transforming Organizations and Delivering Results

Aminad is an innovative small-business management consulting firm dedicated to generating realistic and implementable change. We work with Federal agencies, with a specific focus on the Department of Defense, and we have a track record of delivering results within the Federal government.

We have a full suite of capabilities to help
Federal agencies make lasting change

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Performance Improvement

Improve the performance of current programs and current operations

Make large-scale, strategic, enterprise change requiring coordination across multiple business functions

Define a program’s value proposition and create actionable plans to effectively deliver against that mission

Increase effectiveness and eliminate wasteful spending while improving mission delivery

Redesign business processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, customer service, and overall mission performance

Determine the size, composition, competencies, roles and responsibilities, and organizational structure of an effective and efficient workforce

Business Strategy

Plan for the future, modernize technology, and achieve long-term goals

Set an ambitious vision for an organization’s future and define a series of strategic initiatives to help the organizations achieve its vision

Build a comprehensive fact base to provide visibility and enable organizations to make informed strategic decisions on key enterprise issues

Identify and adopt the right IT capabilities that best support an organization’s mission and business model

Develop capabilities to use data as a strategic asset and use data to make informed business decisions


Project future requirements and develop plans to position the enterprise to meet those requirements

Supply Chain & Acquisition

Optimize supply chain and acquisition outcomes

Create supply chains that have the right items in the right place at the right time as cost-effectively as possible

Reimagine the supply chain to be responsive to changing conditions and prepared for unexpected risks

More strategically manage contract spending to maximize the value of procurement dollars

Enable the timely supply of goods and services, while establishing best-in-class organization-wide processes and procedures

Optimize infrastructure investments and maximize capabilities through infrastructure modernization

Results Delivery

Strategic Implementation

Shepherd major strategic initiatives from inception to completion through structured program management and subject matter expertise

Change Management

Overcome the human barriers to change to and align an organization around new ways of doing business

Who We Serve

Aminad has the privilege of serving the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Working collaboratively with senior leadership across the Department of Defense and numerous civilian agencies, Aminad is making a difference through driving results and creating lasting change.

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At Aminad, partnerships are very important to us. We are dedicated to bringing the necessary expertise to every client engagement, and our trusted partners allow us to bring a full breadth of experience and capabilities. We are very selective about our partnerships, and our partners must share our most fundamental values.


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