Aminad Improves Performance and Generates Long-term, Sustainable Change for Public Sector Organizations

Aminad is an innovative small-business management consulting firm dedicated to generating realistic and implementable change. We work with Federal agencies, with a specific focus on the Department of Defense, and we have a track record of delivering results within the Federal government.

Our strong values-based culture, subject matter expertise, and client commitment make us unique. Our team blends top-quality consultants with experienced practitioners, all of whom share a passion for the mission of Federal agencies and a dedication to the success of our clients. We understand that change can be difficult, and all levels of our firm work hand-in-hand with clients from strategy through implementation and execution, to deliver sustainable results.

Aminad (pronounced ah-min-odd) is a newly crafted word that represents determination, generosity, and kindness. Created by combining the first names of our founder Lido’s parents (Amin and Nadia), it honors their dedication to hard work and caring for people, while focusing on the firms desire to emulate that in a business setting. At Aminad we believe that being generous with your ideas, your time and your kindness drives results that everyone wants to be a part of.


ISO Certified 9001-2015

Lido Ramadan

President / CEO

Jonathan Selter

Managing Director

Kevin Nunes

Director, Growth & Development

Nat Barone


Renn Pfeiffer


Karen Meloy

Senior Strategist

Robert Ruark

Strategic Advisor

Jane McMullen

Senior Advisor

At Aminad our values drive all of the critical decisions that are made for the company, our employees and our clients.


Treat everyone with kindness, respect, compassion and warmth


Be humble and modest; put aside ego and empower others

Intellectual Curiosity

Embrace a mindset of constant learning


Relentlessly pursue our goals regardless
of the obstacles


Be generous with your time, your ideas and your resources


Remove complexity and provide clarity

Join the Aminad Team!

At Aminad we strive to attract, develop, and retain the best of the best. We believe in a family-like environment that treats all employees with respect and care. The satisfaction of our people will be the driver of our success.

Aminad offers best in class benefits including 100% employee paid benefits, bonuses, 401(k), and training reimbursement.

Aminad Mission and Vision


To improve performance and generate long-term, sustainable change for public-sector organizations in a thoughtful, engaged, and results-driven manner, while fostering an inclusive and kind environment for our employees to excel.


Ensuring our clients and people achieve their full potential and making lasting and positive impacts on people’s lives.

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